Friday, November 16, 2012

My Life in Stitches: Another Life in Stitches

Recently, I was browsing Amazon for knitting pattern books when I came across a book that totally captured my attention. It’s called A Life in Stitches by Rachael Herron. I actually gasped when I saw it and said, “Hey, that’s the name of my knitting series on my blog.” I promptly set out to get the book and within a few days I had it.

The book is well written and enjoyable. As a matter of fact, it’s so enjoyable that my eleven year old started reading it (I had to stop him because there is a little language and a few topics I didn’t think he’s mature enough to handle. Not too bad, but not appropriate for an eleven year old).

I think the most impressive thing about this book is that it sounded like something I would write. It sounded like that Herron and I were living the same life despite the fact that the demographics are very different. It was like the thing we did have in common, knitting, canceled out all our other differences and brought us to a common ground.

The author and I do have other things in common. She talks about losing her mom and knitting a sweater for her. I lost my mom and I crocheted an afghan for my mother before she died. Herron also wrote about writing fiction. I write fiction...not as much as I should (the last chapter talks about Second Book Syndrome and I've got it bad right now. Urg!) And the knitting...oh the knitting. 

One truth that Herron presents in the book is that knitters, for the most part, are kind. That we love to give. She also talked about the sense of community that knitters have. As I read this section, I thought about the knitting groups I'm in and I totally agree. I have made some great friends over tea and stitches.

Despite that, the stories in the story show how knitting impacts life. I found it interesting how Herron’s knitting impacted her life much the way knitting impacts mine. I found myself connecting with her stories and recognizing my own story in hers.

A good read. But get it on your e-reader so you can knit while you read it.

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Rachael Herron said...

Thank you! What a lovely, lovely review. (And I think our writing voices sound similar, too!)
thanks again,