Friday, October 21, 2011

My Life in Stitches: Fingerless Mitts, Square Needles and Breaking Rules

Fingerless Mitt #1 and Cubics Needles

I’m all grown up and knitting fingerless mitts.

I casted on Susie’s Reading Mitts last week after deciding to frog a cowl I was working on. Besides, I got some new needles, Knitter's Pride Cubics Double Point. I was planning to buy their Dreamz needles, but the concept of square needles fascinated me. Once I read that the yarn doesn’t slide off the square needles like it does with round one (a problem I was having), I was hooked.

I must admit it took me a minute to adjust to the square needles. They feel like I’m knitting with small pencils. But, as promised, my yarn didn’t roll off my needles. I’m seriously considering getting another set, maybe 6”.

The pattern for Susie’s Reading Mitts are pretty simple, much like knitting a big sock. If I would do anything different, I would have used smaller needles. The first glove is kinda big.  The person I’m making them for is shorter than me but has bigger hands than I do, so it may work out.

Also, I seemed to have broken out of my one-project-at-time rule. Last week, I had three…count them…three different projects on my needles. Fortunately, one of them was a hat, which I finished quickly and one of the other’s was a hibernating Marigold Ishbel. It may not be a bad idea to relax my one-project-at-time rule, but only for a really good reason.

I broke my rule last week because my church is having a coat drive for a men’s homeless shelter. Since I don’t have any coats to contribute, it seemed like a good idea to knit some hats to donate. I’ve done three so far and I just found another skein of yarn I can use to make another. It’s a good cause, worth breaking my rules. 

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