Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tea & Read: In Every Heartbeat

Title: In Every Heartbeat
Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer
Rating: Half a cup of tea (two stars out of five)

This was the first book by Kim Vogel Sawyer that I've read.  The premise of the story drew me in, three orphans, Libby, Pete and Bennett, going off to college to pursue their dreams. Books with the premise of starting a new life always appeal to me.

Unfortunately, this book didn’t hold my attention very long. First, I struggled to connect with the characters. Their motivation behind their actions seemed unrealistic. Libby, Pete and Bennett often reacted to their plot twists with more consternation than necessary. I can’t say that I could relate to their emotions.

Second, the pacing was slow. I found myself skimming pages and it took me a long time to finish the book. The writing was good, one of the reasons I didn’t give this book a lower rating. Maybe this book is for a different sort of reader than me, someone who enjoys books that are a stroll. And despite the low rating, I would give Sawyer another shot (I actually am currently reading another one of her books. Stay tuned for my review).

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